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Hello! I'm Kris Hartley, the founder of KMH Photography. I'm based out of Joplin, Missouri. I also provide services to the Pittsburg, Kansas area.  I specialize in concert and music photography, and offer lots of different types of photographic services.


Paralandra concert photoCasandra Carson of ParalandraParalandra at Venue 655 at Grand Lake Casino in Grove, Oklahoma










































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All comments and constructive critique are definitely welcome.  Feedback is always appreciated!


Dirty Saints at The Riff












































The types of photography offered include, but are not limited to, the following:
*Bands/Musicians/Concert Photography
*Performance Photography
*Band Promo photos
*Family portraits (a lot less formal than it sounds!)
*Candid photos
*Event photography


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KMH is also accepting submissions to KZine, a bi-monthly arts zine.  For more information, please use the message feature on the contact page.  Several regular issues of KZine are available, as well as The Music Issue, a special issue, and KZine Micro.

KZine has its own home on Facebook.  For more information on submitting your own work or to see what it's all about, check it out at

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